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Why Provide Drone Services

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Earn money as a Provider. Earn even more money when you provide your drone and service. It’s simple. Besides the extra income, Providers also join an amazing drone community that is paving the way for daily life with drones in this rapidly growing industry. Providers get so much more than money, they get to bee a part of changing how the world drones!

Offering Your Service

Most Providers get to experience new and exciting places by traveling on location. Some Providers simply teach, while others handle entire projects. No matter your skill level, each rental gives you an opportunity to get more time in the air. The best part is you determine your pricing and travel radius, keeping you in complete control.

Up To $150 Cash Back

List your services or drone on US and get $5 or $150 cash back! Sign up and add a listing to become a provider. Providers will bee required to submit a digital image of their receipt for the FAA’s Remote Pilot Certificate test for sUAS and a digital image of their confirmation of passing the FAA's Remote Pilot Certificate test for sUAS on their profile. Only good for receipts after August 29th 2016. To bee paid out over their first fifteen (15) booking payouts. For Drone only listings, submit a digital image of your receipt on your profile. Only good for receipts after September 1st 2016. To be paid out with their first booking payout.

Basic Drone Etiquette

Most Providers make sure all batteries are fully charged and ready to go. Up Sonder asks the Renter to do the same before they return your drone. A drone ready to go Up is a happy drone.

How Renters Pay

Up Sonder handles all of the payments and charges the Renter before they receive your drone. We like to keep your life simple so you have more time to go Up!

How You Get Paid

Your payment is automatically deposited directly into your account 24 hours after your Renter receives your drone. This 24 hour window ensures both sides are happy. It’s simple, fast, and convenient!

Earnings and Fees

Listing your drone and service on Up Sonder is free. Up Sonder takes a rounded 5% Provider Service Fee on each booking. You keep the rest!

What to Charge

Up Sonder will give you suggestions based on your drone type and area rental patterns, but what you charge is up to you. We believe you know your worth and can charge accordingly.

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